Saturday, 6 August 2011

Entry #2 Our first commissioned piece

Original sketches

Kia Devine

Skillful bow-ness

Corset, hand sequinned with eyelets at the centre back

Chiffon skirt, also hand beaded, drapes down to one side

A local article published
 Two Frisky Deers

So about a month ago, we got our first commissioned piece. Our first client was no other, but Miss Kia Devine, a L.A Playboy bunny heading to Hugh Heffner's Midsummer's Party (which was last Friday)!
We sketched out some ideas, and went for some bling. We chose a low cut corset, a chiffon skirt, sequinned and all.
It was great to get our first commissioned piece out there, especially to Kia Devine! It was just by chance we got the commission, Kia and I had originally gone to high school together (at one stage we wanted to buy a combi van and travel around Australia with a big couch in the back. Needless to say that went as far as writing it down on paper.) and Kia was back in town before heading back to the U.S. Than we started talking, and than we got commissioned! Kia is really one of a kind, she laughs at nearly all my jokes.
Hopefully Kia will put up some photo's soon of her outfit, we actually forgot to take some photo's when she was here. But we did manage to eat alot of chilli mudcrab.

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  1. Congrats on your 1st ever commissioned piece! The sketches look great! Wouldve wanted to see the actual dress on her!

  2. Hey thanks guys, yeah we're hoping we'll get some pics from L.A of our outfit! Feel free to follow us on our grand memoirs! x

  3. green day went well, felt like i walked everywhere! :D

    you can listen to my band here:

    :) xx

  4. Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by my blog. Im follwoing your fab blog x
    LOve your sketches and designs,amazing and really inspiring.
    Hope you have a lovely day <3

  5. congratulations! The sketch looks amazing, can't wait to see the whole end-product! :)

    thx for commenting and following my blog, really appreciate it, I've followed via bloglovin' too :)


  6. Oh wow congratulations!!! Glad to have ran into your blog, always great to see fellow designers illustrations and creations!



  7. oh, thank you! :)

  8. Thanks guys for stopping by! Means alot to us! Hopefully i'll be able to add some new photos from her! x

  9. those sketches are so awesome. congratulations on your first commissioned piece.

    Costin M.