Sunday, 9 October 2011

Entry #7 Two friendly Deers

Finishing Liss's dress, I thought i'd finish the ending. Bon appetitite. :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Entry #6 Two Fabricated deers.

Commission #2

I hear its black tie season down south. Well at least for one E. Pollock, aka future economist 101. A truly awe inspiring person who had the worst year 10 wagging skills I had ever seen. Our friendship started amazingly - we hated each other from year 3 to year 9 until a fateful pi class brought us together.
So now, I am super excited about creating her black tie dress. Thanks to Facebook, we can face creep and swap design ideas (no doubt this was Mark Zuckerberg's true intention to the invention of FB).
I am really proud of her, a true friend. Although I have no idea what this black tie event is for. Mafia ceremony? Hoyts? Comic-Con?

Some design sketches...

Slight cowl at the front, and a really deep cowl at the back and an arch open at the front, its pretty full at the bottom so you can swish people

This is pinch draped down the right side, the front of your bodice has got boning and the back is my poor representation of rope, so it ties from the sides to the middle and that gold is beaded

The one on the left has a deppari, which is the angled part protruding out. It's also got tulle at the bottom (the squiggly bits) to make it fuller at the bottom. The one on the right is pretty standard. Pleated at the back, and twisted at the front.

This was one same as before, deppari, tulle at the bottom.

This kind of looks like what I was thinking haha, the gold is part of the left black fabric, and the right is a a flap (haha flap) that when you move, you'll see the gold.

Don't be shocked. Fitted bodice, draped bottom, it's actually a skirt haha, it'd be less full down the side.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Good ol' toiles.

Entry #5 Two Finally-named Deers

After months of pondering, repetitive word sounding, it happened. It actually happened. I GOT A NAME!! For those who have thought about naming something, share the victory! We've got a name. And. It's an acronym. L.A.D. Like. A. Deer. Yes, and it also spells lad.
Obviously, when you achieve self satisfaction, it's always nice to find the fish. The fish, when you're fishing for compliments. And who better else but a mum. Moreover, your own mum. After giving her a very adjective recount it's inevitable that the praise just follows :D ..."yeah, it's alright." ... D: That was the praise. Y.I.A (acronyms, once you pop, you can't stop). Omg. After sounding ka, ki, ku, ke, ko. Ma, mi, mu, me, mo. Maverick to Myoosik, sketsko to Zeus, reading the English dictionary, the Italian dictionary, Google translate, I can sum it up in 3 words. "Yeah, it's alright." Hmmm, Y.I.A...

Monday, 22 August 2011

Entry #4 Two Failed Deers

You know you're on the right track when you make mistakes and learn from it! Ah last week, it was all about trial and error. And some more error. Ha, at least its out of the system; its like deciding you CAN eat those 4 Chinese dishes without getting the waddle walk... You only do it once. Occasionally twice.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Entry #3 Darwin Cup :O

Two Four-Hooved Deers
The fascinator in the making with many a help from my Aunty Alice, aka Pro Hatter.

Me and my mate.


Just in case it went to a photo finish, WE GOT THE PROOF, MAN!

The party tent. Nachos and all.

Our horse is on the other side. It stopped 100m from the gates, and literally just started talking to the fence.

Feet people.

My backyard, also known as Fannie Bay. (Seriously, it's called Fannie Bay ;)


So, Darwin Cup. Last weekend. It was very bagus (good). Well we finally did it, OUR FIRST VLOG :O Please, put your hands in the air like you just don't care. But, HOLD THE EXPENSE, entry was how dear? SO DEAR. $50. FIFTY DOLLARS! Daylight robbery I say. It's always day robbery when you get nothing free. But some hidden betting talent did emerge, well until the next race. Our dress turned heads, and we even made friends. Well we thought we made friends until we realised we were actually in the way ("MOOOOVE! THE RACE IS ON!")

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Entry #2 Our first commissioned piece

Original sketches

Kia Devine

Skillful bow-ness

Corset, hand sequinned with eyelets at the centre back

Chiffon skirt, also hand beaded, drapes down to one side

A local article published
 Two Frisky Deers

So about a month ago, we got our first commissioned piece. Our first client was no other, but Miss Kia Devine, a L.A Playboy bunny heading to Hugh Heffner's Midsummer's Party (which was last Friday)!
We sketched out some ideas, and went for some bling. We chose a low cut corset, a chiffon skirt, sequinned and all.
It was great to get our first commissioned piece out there, especially to Kia Devine! It was just by chance we got the commission, Kia and I had originally gone to high school together (at one stage we wanted to buy a combi van and travel around Australia with a big couch in the back. Needless to say that went as far as writing it down on paper.) and Kia was back in town before heading back to the U.S. Than we started talking, and than we got commissioned! Kia is really one of a kind, she laughs at nearly all my jokes.
Hopefully Kia will put up some photo's soon of her outfit, we actually forgot to take some photo's when she was here. But we did manage to eat alot of chilli mudcrab.

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