Friday, 2 September 2011

Entry #5 Two Finally-named Deers

After months of pondering, repetitive word sounding, it happened. It actually happened. I GOT A NAME!! For those who have thought about naming something, share the victory! We've got a name. And. It's an acronym. L.A.D. Like. A. Deer. Yes, and it also spells lad.
Obviously, when you achieve self satisfaction, it's always nice to find the fish. The fish, when you're fishing for compliments. And who better else but a mum. Moreover, your own mum. After giving her a very adjective recount it's inevitable that the praise just follows :D ..."yeah, it's alright." ... D: That was the praise. Y.I.A (acronyms, once you pop, you can't stop). Omg. After sounding ka, ki, ku, ke, ko. Ma, mi, mu, me, mo. Maverick to Myoosik, sketsko to Zeus, reading the English dictionary, the Italian dictionary, Google translate, I can sum it up in 3 words. "Yeah, it's alright." Hmmm, Y.I.A...

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