Saturday, 6 August 2011

Entry #1 I waited all my life to play, than on hallejulah day...WELCOME

Two Future-hopeful Deers

Step 1. (enter orchestra symphony, release the birds).

This is the first entry to our independently launched label, Two F Deers (Two F D's). We're currently studying Business, Fashion and we also drive boats. Big Boats. Literally. :D
We wanted to archive our adventure, you know the saying "its not the journey that counts but the e-journey et. al."

We are a really new label, so new that probably only 5 people know us, including 1 mum. We're currently working on our collection and small pieces that will hopefully find their way into boutiques.

We're North Australian people (Northern Territory), and we come with peace from Darwin (Charles Darwin (university studente) REPRESENT.

Please e-mail us anytime! We're pro conversation and expert-friendly! Seriously, we're really into talking activity's, especially did-you-know facts.


A Team.

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